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"To grow in this industry, 2Ks (Keenness and knowledge) are the two imperative factors which ensure a good career strengthening your future at a very young age!"

It’s Anushri Vikram Murkar’s Glorious journey and Success story in the Beauty & Wellness Industry - in conversation with Beauty and Healthcare Journalist, Sreyasi

What’s your Salon Name & Location?
Get Look Beauty Salon, Nalasopara West

I have completed Bachelors in Commerce.

What is your background?
My dad is a navy officer and my mom is a housewife.

What’s your job profile before entering the beauty industry?
After B.Com I was staying back home for 1 year. Next, I started working as an Assistant Accountant with Artech Industries and M.S. Engineers at Goregaon.

How you got interested in Beauty industry?
I checked out a frequent advertisement of Professional Beauty Programs from LTA School of Beauty in Maharashtra Times. As I had an interest in beauty thought to give a try for pursuing the course. I shared my thoughts with my husband and mother-in-law. They heartily supported me with huge encouragement. Seeing their interest, I took the decision to join this industry.

What do you think is the future perspective of Beauty industry?
There’s definitely a tremendous increase in the beauty industry which demands customization in the ‘selfie generation’.  In the future, there will be innovation of more new technologies that will be safe as well as effective. Our lifestyle expectancy is going to rise and all of us wants to look beautiful, stay healthy, and active. So, looking and feeling beautiful is absolutely non-negotiable!

What did you learn and how was your training experience?
Learning experience was awesome at LTA School of Beauty! Some of the brilliant trainers have mentored me towards choosing the right career providing extensive knowledge and skills. Professional beauty programs will help you in learning the several beauty therapies, use of beauty equipment for face, bridal makeup therapy, nail art and much more. As you grow deeper, you’ll find interest in massage therapy and hair styling. If you already have the skills and interest in beauty therapy, then all you need is the right education.

How education has helped you and what’s your success story?
Education can be both personally and financially rewarding as it has given me the chance to work directly with the clients, learn the current beauty trends and techniques and know the tips for great customer service. I am working as a hairstylist, bridal makeup artist in my salon and I can feel quality education is of utmost importance to start your cosmetology career.

My success story surrounds complete support from my husband and mother-in-law for which I am able to open a salon today. I have become an expert in handling clients and client management has become much easier for me. Staff maintaining is also an expressive way for rapid development of my salon as it helps spreading words. Clients from different places visit me for skincare, health tips, and facial.

What has been the turning point in this journey of success?
After completing my basic course in hair & beauty, I went for City & Guilds Diploma where I learned bridal makeover. I feel this is the turning point of my success today. Whenever I am creating a romantic and elegant look with vibrant jewelry for the most beautiful moment of one’s life, making the brides ready I feel extremely happy and successful.

What did you do after completing the course?
After completing City & Guilds Diploma, I started working in ‘Sonali Salon & Spa’, Goregaon East for gaining experience. I have worked there only for a couple of months before opening my own salon.

Your vision and future plans?
I have a vision of making a specialist team with beauticians having expert knowledge and analysis into creativity that can make a true difference to clients. As trends are changing, customer behaviors are also changing, I feel it’s very important to understand your clients - who they are, what they buy, what they like and why. Focusing on these can make you stay ahead of your competitors ahead. Presently, I am running my salon on rent. It has been 17 months. In the next year I am looking to open up a bigger salon in my own place.

Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
5 years from now, I dream of expanding branches of my salon across all the areas in Mumbai.

Any message for the young professionals who dream big in the industry?

Working in the beauty industry is the ultimate dream for a lot of us. To grow in this industry, 2Ks (Keenness and Knowledge) are the two imperative factors which ensure a good career strengthening your future at a very young age!