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“Her never-ending determination is the moral of her success story.”

A firm believer in beauty education; Bansari Srimanker has become creative and innovative every day. Having won 100% client satisfaction she masters in the art of making others beautiful and trendy. Let’s get to know this charming beauty queen!

Beauty and Healthcare Journalist, Sreyasi caught up with Bansari to discuss some of her major influences, the importance of the beauty industry and its glamorous future.

What’s your Salon Name & Location?
Bliss Aesthetic Clinic & Beauty Studio, Ville Parle East

I have completed Masters in Commerce.

What is your background?
I hail from Ville Parle East and my father is a businessman associated with Garments Import & Export and my mom is a housewife.

What’s your job profile before entering the beauty industry?
After completing M.Com, my father wanted me to join his business and I did so. But however, I didn’t find interest and stopped working. My father noticed my indifference and put me into Tours & Travels agency. Even I pursued a course from IATA and worked for years as a Travel Agent.

How you got interested in Beauty industry?
Being into my father’s business and working as a travel agent I understood that I am not enjoying my work. From childhood, I am a person who never wanted to go out without putting lipstick and I always wanted my skin to look perfect. I gave a second thought and felt becoming a cosmetologist is the only thing I am craving for long. I searched through Google and came across LTA School of Beauty providing International-accredited programs. In addition, I got an opportunity to attend a seminar organized by Miss Vaishali and Leena. I was absolutely impressed and continued with the international program of LTA - CIDESCO.

What do you think is the future perspective of Beauty industry?
The future of the beauty industry is wonderful. It will grow every day but people who are interested in this industry must go for the right course that fits their interest and passion.

What did you learn and how was your training experience?
I was fortunate to have learned basic knowledge about beauty from my mom’s friend. With her help, I started freelancing salon services at home. Later, I took admission at LTA School of Beauty. Joining CIDESCO has been pretty advantageous for me. Without spending too much expenses, I came to know about the products suitable for my skin as well as for others. Today, with boosting confidence I can guide clients to the right track in using personal care cosmetics.

How education has helped you and what’s your success story?
I have learned about science & technology of skin and hair treatments, handling equipment, operating them and lots more! I have learned how each and every beauty equipment works and treatments for skin problems. Knowing each tiny details of the course I felt LTA can never get wrong. It’s much lesser the cost they ask abroad and additionally, I am getting an International degree.

My entire life is a success story. It went completely wrong at my home when I decided to take up beauty as my career. They didn’t want me to be popular as a beautician, as they never liked the profession. I decided to start freelancing salon services and used to take tuition to arrange cash for buying necessary beauty equipment. Finally, I was capable of opening my own studio in the year 2013 named Bliss Aesthetic Clinic & Beauty Studio. My parents were truly happy then and my mom started supporting me a lot due to which my salon is running successfully in its 5th year. 

What has been the turning point in this journey of success?
The turning point has been after completing my education in beauty. I realized that I know much more than what beauticians usually know.

What did you do after completing the course?
After completing the course I got several opportunities which made me extremely happy. CIDESCO has helped me to explore maximally in the beauty industry.

Your vision and future plans?
Beauty industry will become glamorous every day. Everyone loves to stay beautiful and this industry will stay forever. Presently, I am successfully running Aesthetic Beauty Clinic. In the future, I am going to expand my salon services across the globe.

Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
In the next 5 years, I want to make my salon a Brand name and have plenty of outlets with special beauty treatments.

Any message for the young professionals who dream big in the industry?
Beauty industry is far-reaching with endless opportunities! Knowledge & Dedication are the two words I can say that can bring you fame and fortune in this industry. Never stop learning as it’s the most versatile and glamorous field enriched with huge explorations deeper it goes.