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"She is lively, fun, creative who can make you look like the perfect superstar you wish to be."

Once the service is complete and you look at the mirror, the A-HA moment happens! Her clients feel beautiful, confident and sexy! Every day brings new challenges, motivations, and inspirations for her.

With large clientele, Binal Shah discusses her professional background revealing the secrets of her success story - getting close with Beauty and Healthcare Journalist, Sreyasi.

What’s your Salon Name & Location?
I am residing at Malad and working independently as a beauty professional freelancer providing all types of beauty services to clients at their home. Clients’ gratitude and appreciation is the biggest reward for me and the reason I never thought of opening a separate salon. They are extremely happy with my personalized services at their home, where they don’t have to step outside of their comfort zone.

I have completed Bachelors in Commerce.

What is your background?
My father is into the business of silver jewelry and my mom is a housewife.

What’s your job profile before entering the beauty industry?
I never tried in any other industry. The interest in beauty industry came naturally to me. This has helped me in successful completion of 6 years enhancing the looks and style of my clients.

How you got interested in Beauty industry?
Though I have completed my studies in commerce, I wanted to become a businesswoman where I wanted a new and enchanting career. This is the reason I have chosen this industry where there is great excitement every day.

What do you think is the future perspective of Beauty industry?
This is a growing industry. It’s growing more than the corporate industry, well! even Google says so. More than that, beauty industry is a recession-free industry. So, your job is completely secure and you’ll never get affected by the severe economic decline of other industries.

What did you learn and how was your training experience?
Amazing and Wonderful! I do not have any words to express! From basic to the advanced level  - skin treatments using Electrotherapy, exfoliation treatments, waxing, manicure, pedicure, skin analysis, manual facials, consultation skin care & treatment planning, body science orientation (Anatomy & Physiology), skin cleansing – I have learned everything.

How education has helped you and what’s your success story?
Education breaks all the boundaries to explore beauty to the fullest. Without education, you won’t be able to apply the rules as you don’t know neither you can discover anything new. The reason I chose LTA School of Beauty because it is offering the highest qualification in beauty – CIDESCO, from head to toe, I came to know about complete beauty treatment.

After completing Bachelors in Commerce, I took up beauty out of interest. Learning treatment in a professional way, Gaining knowledge, perfect experience in the industry, and top level service to the clients have been my secrets of success.

What has been the turning point in this journey of success?
Gaining comprehensive education has been my turning point of my success.

What did you do after completing the course?
After completing CIDESCO, I started servicing people to build up a good client service. From basic to advance services, I started enhancing my clients’ knowledge and awareness.

Your vision and future plans?
My vision is to develop a team providing the best treatments and up-to-date information for clients. The beauty industry is continually changing in trends and fashion. The staff members working in different salons need to be always motivated to learn with proper and effective training.
I am planning to open a salon combined with beauty academy courses where women will not only get the best parlor services but they’ll also come to know about hair care tips, skin care, hair color, tutorials on how to make holistic and fancy nails.

Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
I dream of making my salon & beauty academy successful in abroad.

Any message for the young professionals who dream big in the industry?
Education is the most important factor to make success in this field. People who are dreaming of making big faster, you must go for the right program – especially I am saying for young students who want a comfortable & luxurious life to at an early age!