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5 things you must keep  in mind before choosing your career .

Deciding upon once career path is perhaps THE MOST important decision in ones life as that would determine whether you are in control of your life or your life is going to be out of control.
 There are 5 important factor to be considered before you make your career choice .

1. Your orientation or your aptitude. 

 A lot would depend whether you are creatively oriented or numerical  or logic driven person. This would largely determine where should you focus your time and other resources to  develop  your functional skills.

2. What is your long term financial goal.
This would help in targeting the industry where you may decide to dedicate your next 3-4 decade .

3. Your interest in constant learning.

Traditional jobs generally low or very slow in upgrading . In modern times there are plenty of new age career which requires regular updating of knowledge and skills which would give  you  distinct edge.

4. Your desire to work with freedom.

If you are the who would like to work at your own time, pace and place of your choice then there are careers in personalised.

5. Your desire for doing greater good.

Everyone at some stage wish to go beyond self and wants to do something for society, nation world etc.

One of the best way to do greater good would be to create  employment opportunities. This would help in creating better society as one could elevate lives of others.

Beauty and wellness industry is one of the fastest growing industry (as per KPMG analysis conducted for NSDC ( )
It provides tremendous opportunity for employment and more then decent income with scopes in beauty therapy, hairdressing , makeup and nail artistry .
This industry is projected to maintain its high growth for decades to come . It provides one of the best opportunity to become an successful Entrepreneur even before one turns 30 years of age .

For guidance on how to make the most out this opportunity you may take FREE advice from counselors .

Book your appointment by mailing your details to RESPONSE@LTAINDIA.ORG or whatsapp on 7738908358 / 9930313131 / 9320026830– Your name & your query. 

Educated vs skilled 

In today world attending college /university and acquiring just the degree leaves you with very limited job opportunities . 
On the other hand those who acquire skills stands much better chance of gaining quick employment or income generating opportunity.
Does it mean that one has to choose one over the other as having educational qualification is considered necessary from the society stand point .
Good news is one can now have best of both world . Career in beauty which is fast becoming popular among younger generation could easily be pursued while one takes up college education .

LTA school of beauty india's Largest international beauty academy which offers part time program for its Advance beauty diploma courses has made it convenient for college students , graduates and housewives to arm themselves with beauty skills and purse this beautiful and rewarding career without sacrificing or compromising their other commitment.
One could learn makeup artistry , hair dressing skills , nail art, beauty therapy and many more skills in just 18 just months . It is estimated that that look at the growth rate of this industry there would be requirement of over 1 cr skilled beauty professional in next 5 years . It is but obvious that those with high skills and reputed qualification will stand to gain the best jobs with top salary even exceeding 3.5 lac per annum . 

International job opportunities and starting own salon business is also distinct possibilities .Learning beauty skills from LTA has been dream of many of career aspirants and with the BIG SCHOLARSHIP announcement the time to take up beauty skills qualification from LTA is now.


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