CIDESCO Diploma in Media Makeup – 10 to 12 months! 

​Part Time Course – 1 to 2 days a week.

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There is an ever increasing need to fill the many employment opportunities offered within the field of Media Make-up. These includes bridals, special occasion makeup, fashion and photographic make-up and the related fields of advertising, various forms of film making together with the many forms of make-up artistry as an art form.

1) International and National Make-up Know​ledge 

  • Make-up terminology and trends                                                                                            
  • History of make-up and its development                                                     
  • Different types of make-up  

2) Client psychology    

  • Including working with models, artists, directors, consumers
  • Professional conduct
  • Professional development

3) Operations and Quality Control

  • Hygiene -Personal and Professional
  • Occupational Health and Safety

4) Knowledge – The Science

  • Face and Body Anatomy and Physiology
  • Dermatology – common diseases and disorders
  • Basic Cosmetic Chemistry
  • Terminology used in the make-up industry
  • Product knowledge and skincare

5) Fashion History      

  • Hair Make-up Costume styling
  • Photo, Magazine, Icons

6) Basic manicure

  • For make-up: file – buff – paint – hand cream

7) Working with the make-up artist’s tools

  • Tools - brush, sponge, puff, etc     

8) Classification and application of make-up techniques  

  • Corrective make-up 
  • Beauty and special occasion make-up
  • Black and white photographic make-up
  • Colour photographic make-up
  • Fashion editorial make-up
  • Film and video make-up
  • Catwalk fashion, make-up trends
  • High definition make-up
  • Creative / Fantasy make-up
  • Airbrush make-up

9) Hairstyling

  • Hairstyles for photographic work
  • Art and design 

10) PR and Marketing

11) Commercial Studies / Business Studies  

  •  Exams – Theory & Practical 

12) Portfolio  
Candidates are required to prepare a Portfolio which will assist with gaining employment. The Portfolio should be relevant to the study of make-up, film, photographic make-up and/or history of make-up. It must include two folders; the Professional Work Portfolio and the Supporting Evidence Folder. 

  • Photo session 
  • Mood board/Story board
  • Knowledge of Retouch

The CIDESCO examinations consist of 3 parts: a Portfolio, a practical examination including Mood/Story Board, and a written examination. 
 Passing the Portfolio with a 70% minimum mark is pre-requisite to sit the CIDESCO Media Make-up examination.

Portfolio – pre-requisite

  • The Professional Work Portfolio must consist of 10 photographs (one for each category) of the candidate’s work assessed by the school according to the CIDESCO Portfolio Marking Sheet. 

  • The Supporting Evidence Folder supports the Professional Work Portfolio. 

  • Practical Examination

Make-up for black and white photography including suitable/appropriate costume 
Make-up for Runway/Catwalk to include adapting hair styling with ornamentation plus costume and body make-up (limbs and hands; nails if appropriate)

  • Theoretical Examination
  • Written MCQ Examination