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LTA Revealing Alluring Beauty Secrets for Teens

There are many young teens wear makeup on special occasions, but you can start experimenting and wearing makeup to look stunning and beautiful every day. Don’t go out of the house with bright blue eyeshadow, caked-on foundation or over-lined lips. You’ll embarrass yourself!

Attention all teenagers who love makeup! We have big news for you! LTA School of Beauty is offering 1-month makeup classes for teenagers to expand your latest makeup knowledge, providing you the skill set to highlight your best features and finding the right products that can flatter your face and fit your lifestyle. LTA beauty experts will help you in figuring out what’s right for you and what’s not.

The class starts by teaching how to prep, taking care of your skin and finding and applying the best foundation
, BB, or CC cream.  LTA professionals will help you to learn how to effectively define your lips, cheeks, and eyes.

The best part of this session is the special price offer! This renowned program comes with lots of other perks. Want to get into this? Luck for you! Get hold of our unique classes including makeup tips & techniques, color & highlight, perfect lips, eyebrow shaping, winged eyeliner and smoky eyes. Make your selfie win thousand hearts! Know the art of makeup. To know further visit

Exclusive Beauty & Spa Management Courses  

LTA School of Beauty feels extremely proud to launch India’s first professional Beauty & SPA Management Program in style and fashion at the StyleSpeak event.

India’s largest international beauty academy LTA on 10th April unveiled a unique Beauty & Spa Management Diploma course which is designed to ensure business growth through right management practices. This program will be conducted by management experts with vast experience from different industries and will enable participants to know the best management practices across industries.

Once you are qualified as a Beauty Therapist career opportunities are endless. The career path you choose depends on what appeals you the most. You can have your own salon business or get employed in a salon and can run your own home, working hours that suits you the best. Once you gain your qualification, being a beauty therapist you can choose to go down the self-employed route whereas many works in a salon or cruise liners. Some of the career options are appealing than others, depending on life experience, personality and long-term career goals.

This special program is designed for sure success in Salon & Spa business. It is perfect for salon owners and experienced professionals who are longing to take up managerial responsibilities. This announcement is lapped up enthusiastically by beauty fraternity and aspiring students who are eagerly awaiting for this program offering from LTA. To know further visit

Enjoy Your Vacation Learning High-Demand Vocational Skills

If you are planning to take a long weekend off after your exams, setting your sights on a road trip or carrying out what your heart desires, such as sleeping for long hours, playing video games, chatting every day, watching movies, hanging out with friends, you might want to add one more thing to your to-do list: career planning.

Did you even think of living your life in such a way where your vacation becomes vocation? Did you ever think how learning vocation skills can get you well-paid in the future? When you are doing what you love and loving what you do, it’s no longer considered as “work”. You will be undoubtedly inspired, enthused, and will always be full of energy.

What can you start to live a life where you can do what you love? Make money doing it and can earn a good income. LTA School of Beauty will help you discover how career preferences can lead you to get the perfect job.  Paying for your own attires, foot wares, cell phones, cosmetics, beauty product accessories, dining out etc. would be an amazing feeling for any youngster.

The question arises when we should start acquiring such skills which will help to secure jobs in the late teens. At the age of 18, we get the license to drive vehicle, we have the right to vote and choose the right partner for our life; then don’t you think it’s the perfect time for us to stand on one’s own feet and be financially independent. Enjoy your vacation with us and acquire vocational skills. The right time to pick up such skills is 16 years.

If you end up picking up skills which you are not sure of, still you have plenty of time to pick up the right one till you are not satisfied and settle down to pursue a career with the skills that excites you. In beauty and wellness industry, makeup skills, nail art, and hair styling are some of the skills one can easily pick up during this vacation. During these holidays, let’s convert vacation to vocation time and your life a holiday time. Now is the best time for you to step up and live the high-quality life that you deserve!

Beware! Beauticians Safeguard Your Wealth!

A shocking news came into sight on India’s one of the leading newspapers. Cash, gold jewelry, and valuables were stolen from a beautician’s house at Vatvewadi locality in Dombivli in just 30 minutes when there’s no one in the flat. Around 12:30 pm, the locker of the door was opened and clothes were lying scattered where Rs 4 lakh cash, around 350 grams of valuables and gold jewelry, totally worth Rs 14 lakh went missing.  It was heard that someone was keeping a discreet watch for a couple of days around Asha Gupta’s house.

While it’s amazing to see that people in beauty and wellness industry are financially strong and earning a good income, it’s very important to be careful and cautious of the predators who keeps an eye on your enormous wealth.
LTA School of Beautyconsiders some of the best practices to protect your wealth from others.

Increasing liability insurance
The first line of defense in litigation is insurance. Just you need to call your insurance broker and increase your liability limits. Make sure your liability coverage for an amount is at least equal to your net-worth.

Keeping your assets separate
Depending on the state you are living, the source of your windfall, if you are depositing the money into a joint account, you have to be careful as this can pose a problem. It’s advisable to keep your assets in a separate account.

Protect yourself from renters
If you are having a rental property or expecting to invest in the rental property, when you receive your wealth, create a business entity, such as LLC or corporation to shield your assets. In this way, your personal assets can be protected.

Review all jointly held accounts
Any amount of cash you are depositing into a joint account with your business partner is at risk. If the joint owner incurs lawsuit judgment, a tax lien, the entire account can be wiped out. If there’s a need for a joint account, it’s safe to keep balance as low as possible.

We encourage every beauty professional to be safe and entrust your hard-earned income with safe banking.
LTA School of Beauty, being the largest international beauty academy wishing you all a safe and prosperous financial year ahead.