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Shampoo and condition the hair and scalp

  • Client consultation and hair assessment
  • Massage techniques
  • Ph values , protecting cuticle and how shampoo works

Women’s Hair Cut

  • Equipment for the desired look
  • Hair cutting techniques
  • Hair cutting and styling techniques
  • Effect of cutting hair  at different angle and changing trends in hair styling

Women’s Hair Styling

  • Different styling techniques
  • Dressing long hair
  • Styling and finishing products

Hair Color

  • ​Mixing colours and following the colour wheel
  • Use of colouring products and procedures for mixing colour
  • Use and maintenance of hair colouring products, tools and equipment
  • Use of tests and results before and during the colouring process

Hair Perming

  • ​Science of perming, range of looks and routine maintenance of tools and equipment
  • Perming techniques and perm products
  • Neutralising techniques
  • Aftercare advice

Hair Rebonding

  • Rebonding techniques and handling re-growth
  • Neutralise hair and aftercare

Men’s styling

  • Introduction to men’s styling
  • Cutting techniques

Specialised hair treatments

  • Head oil massage and the benefits of the treatment
  • Deep conditioning treatment procedures for different types of hair
  • Conditioning different types of hair/ scalp with henna

Introduction to salon management
 Duration: 6 months

Working in hairdressing

  • ​Occupational roles and career patterns in the hairdressing industry
  • Personal presentation and professional image

Maintain health and safety in the salon

  • Security and infection control in the salon
  • Dealing with emergencies

Client consultation for hairdressing services

  • Communication techniques
  • Maintaining client records
  • Conditions limiting hairdressing services –hair and skin Infections, disorders and contraindications
  • Science of hair and skin

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International Diploma in Hair Dressing
6 to 8 months part time course
Schedule 2 days in the week

VTCT Certification

IDHD – International Diploma in Hair Dressing