Maternity Leave :

  •  Eligible expecting women employees are entitled as per government norms maternity leave.
  •  Maternity leave can be used a maximum of two (2) occasions during an employee’s tenure with the Company. All intervening holidays and weekends falling during this period of maternity leave are counted.
  •  Employees undergoing medical termination of pregnancy under medical advice or miscarriage are entitled to 6 weeks of maternity leave. A duly registered attending medical practitioner should certify this & a medical certificate should be obtained.
  •  Employees suffering from illness arising out of pregnancy, delivery, premature birth, stillbirth or miscarriage are entitled to additional leave, against her annual leave entitlement, subject to available balance in the leave account. 

Public Holidays :

  •  Employees are entitled to customary paid festival and national holidays as outlined by the Company and displayed at the beginning of each year.

Sr. No
1Republic Day
3Labour Day(Maharashtra day)
4Independence Day
5Ganesh Chaturthi
7Gandhi Jayanti
9Bhai duj

Leave without pay

  •  Leave without pay must be applied under exceptional circumstances. An employee can apply for leave without pay only when there is no leave remaining to the employee’s credit.
  •  All such leaves must be sanctioned by Superior.
  •  A copy of the mail has to be sent to the HR Department.

Please note: If the employee does not receive any such reply in writing, the application for leave is treated as rejected.

  •  If an employee remains absent without approved leave or overstays without approval from the sanctioning authority for a period of seven (7) consecutive days or more, disciplinary action including termination from service, may be initiated against the employee by the Company. His/her salary shall be put on hold till he/she returns and informs the reason of such absence in a satisfactory way to his supervisor.
  •  Employees, who would have worked for the full leave year 2017 will get credit of 18 days at the start of the next Leave Year.
  •  Employees, who have worked for part of the year 2017, will get leave credit on prorate basis 
  •  In case of reduced work hours put in by an employee, monthly leave entitlement would also be reduced proportionally.



  •  Leaves taken during probationary period will be considered as Leave without pay (LWP) Any deviation should have approval of concerned Head of Department. A copy of the mail has to be sent to the HR Department.
  •  Leave calendar for Annual leave will be from January to December.
  •  If a weekly off or holiday is prefixed and suffixed with leave, the weekly off shall be counted as leave day. 
  •  Thus if one takes leave from Tuesday through to Friday with the Wednesday and Thursday in between being holidays, the number of leaves consumed shall be four days.

Sick Leave:-

  •  An employee is eligible for Six days of sick leave in a year. Again, only working days shall be taken into consideration while computing the leaves.
  •  Sick leave, need to be specifically accompanied with a medical certificate.
  •  Sick leave may not be carried forward.

Casual Leave:-

  •  An employee is eligible for Six days of casual leave in a year. Again, only working days shall be taken into consideration while computing the leaves.


            Casual Leave is meant to meet urgent and/or unforeseen circumstances. Prior approval of the Departmental Head has to be obtained whenever                               possible, stating the reason for leave.

  •  Casual leave cannot be combined with any other leaves.

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 Leave Policy

1 . Objective:

1.1 LTA SCHOOL OF BEAUTY PVT LTD believes that employees should have opportunities to enjoy time away from work to help balance their professional and personal lives. The Company encourages all employees to spend time with family for leisure, taking care of personal work, or rest due to medical reasons.

1.2 The policy outlines the, the applicability, rules and procedures with regard to consumption and approval of leave.

2. Applicability:

2.1 This policy is applicable for all permanent employees of LTA SCHOOL OF BEAUTY PVT LTD.

Annual Leaves( Earned leaves 18+ Sick leaves 6+ Casual Leaves 6)

  •  Permanent employees are eligible for an annual leave of 18 working days.
  •  Employees can use their annual leave only after 9 month continuous in the services of the Company.
  •  When an employee serves the Company for part of a year, he/she is entitled to annual leave on a pro-rata basis calculated for every completed  month of service.
  •  All employees are entitled to Annual leave from their DOJ on a prorata basis.