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Time Management

  • Time/Task Management & the various tools of how to plan well
  • Setting Priorities | 80/20 Principle | Why We Procrastinate | How To Overcome Procrastination  
  • Goal setting | SMART Goals
  • LTMR - Optimising Results & Productivity

Customer Relations

  • Customers & Market | Team members & Employees | Stakeholders, Investors, Partners & Alliance
  • Customer Loyalty & Referral Scripts
  • Effective Feedback Mechanism & Recovery of Lost Customers
  • Effective CRM implementation
  • Dealing with VUCA | Luck Factor | Disruptions  
  • Case Studies in the Salon Industry
  • Building Trust | Farming vs. Hunting

Operational Management

  • Time Management      
  • Analysing and Optimising Daily Bookings 
  • Treatment Menu and Recipes  
  • Beauty Salon and Spa Environmental Awareness 
  • Water Management      

Marketing and Customer Relations

  • Establishing Customer Relationships/Service  
  • Advertising Mediums/Social Media 
  • Market Research and Analysis  
  • Business Success versus Failure  
  • Market Trends       
  • Branding       
  • Retail and Sales Techniques  

​​Beauty & wellness industry in India has become one of the most flourishing and among the fastest growing industries in recent times to the tune of over 18% YOY. Growing middle class population with higher capacity and propensity to spend with increased image consciousness across class is driving this business by many folds.  

Every day hundreds of new Salons, SPAs, and beauty clinics are springing up across to take advantage of this popular trend. While we have several good reasons to believe salons and SPA business would succeed, it is also true that 80% of such mushrooming units do not survive beyond 2 years While most others do not survive beyond 1000 days.

There's no denying that modern day business presents its own set of challenges, be it cost of business promotion, retaining clients, and more importantly retaining well trained staff.  However, with sound business practices some of the challenges could easily be overcome. Most of the beauty & wellness business could have survived or even flourished had the business managers studied and applied the art of science of managerial skills. 95% of non-corporate salon business today are run without applying any sort of scientific management principles.

It is precisely to cater to this need of salons and spas that LTA has designed BEAUTY & SPA MANAGEMENT course integrating some of the best management concepts from world over and adapting it to Indian salon and SPA requirements. This course is designed to provide candidates a comprehensive understanding of how to manage crucial aspects of beauty and SPA business. Business which are based on strong foundation of management logic will definitely do well.  

I wish all trainees a very successful business times ahead.
 “Management is a SKILL which every manager should LEARN”.

Vaishali K Shah, Founder director, LTA School of Beauty

Program Advantage

  • Powerful managerial concepts delivered by top Business Management Guru
  • Simple Techniques, Principles processes with profound EFFECTIVE RESULTS
  • One on one consultation sessions for Customised solution
  • Reference material, Lecture notes, Workbooks for long term retention of concepts
  • Research and Project work to expand horizon
  • Post Program support for sustaining business growth

Duration – 10 contact sessions! Full day! Supported with online lectures!

People Management

  • Fundamentals of Leadership
  • Teamwork | How To Achieve More
  • Criticism Management
  • Communication | Taking Full Responsibility Of Outcomes 
  • Communicate From The Client’s POV | Understanding Various Maps  
  • Leadership Skills | Proven Leadership Techniques
  • DISC Testing
  • Johari Window
  • Success Factor Modelling
  • Personality Development | Soft skills | Dressing & Other Etiquette

Marketing & Sales Management

  • Marketing Strategy & Marketing Mix | Creating Solutions
  • Website & Social Media Marketing
  • Rapport Building | Selling Strategies | Understanding Buying Styles
  • Referral Marketing: Tools & Techniques
  • Negotiations

​​Inventory Management

  • Importance & Scope of Inventory Control
  • Types of Inventory
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • General Management of Inventory
  • Use of Computers in Inventory Management



​20-24 contact sessions! Full day! once a week!

  • CIDESCO  HO Switzerland Since 1946
  • Across 33 Countries
  • Over 250 CIDESCO Schools Worldwide 
  • Introduction to Beauty & Spa Management   
  • International and National Beauty and Spa Trends and Technology 
  • Beauty and Spa Terminology  
    Origin of Beauty Salon and Spa (History)   
  • Hydrotherapy 
  • The Four Cornerstones  
  • Latest Technologies    
  • Beauty, Spa and Wellness Industry  
  • Latest Research  
  • Beauty Salon and Spa Trends  

Stock Control

  • Value of Strict Control Measures   
  • Distributor/Product House Support and Advice  
  • Stock Counting  
  • Stock Take Timing 
  • Managing your Stock Room    
  • Stock Control in the Treatment Room   
  • Retail Stock  
  • Professional Stock  
  • Controlling Theft and Cross-Checking 

Human Resources

  • Terminology and Job Descriptions    
  • Laws, Rules and Regulations  
  • Recruitment – Screening and Selection  
  • Methods of Interviewing  
  • Employment Process and Induction   
  • Exit Interviews       
  • Performance Appraisals


  • Daily Financial Responsibilities   
  • Petty Cash  
  • Target Management and Incentive 
  • Business Plan
  • Planning and Starting the Business Plan
  • The Key to Business Success   
  • The Business Plan           


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Project Submission


  • Dealing with Staff      
  • Team and Leadership Values 
  • Team Building  
  • Delegation      
  • Priority Management     
  • Setting Goals  
  • Listening Skills  
  • Dealing with Complaints  
  • Conducting Meetings   
  • Understanding Expectations 
  • Duty Roster Management 
  • Continued Professional Development
  • Internal and External Training 
  • Training Plan

Beauty Salon and Spa Daily Routine 

  • Hygiene  
  • The Importance of Front Office/Reception  
  • Mystery Guest Reports  
  • Types of Client Feedback  
  • Occupational Health and Safety