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“Coming from a middle-class family today I have built my own recognition and my family has been with me through all the hurdles which have counted my success twice.”

Beauty and Healthcare Journalist, Sreyasi getting cozy and casual chitchat with famous and successful beauty professional Tanuja Pankaj Shah.

What’s your Salon Name & Location?
Maples Beauty Lounge, Hiranandani Estate, Thane 

I have completed Bachelor of Arts.

What is your background?

I belong from a middle-class family staying with my parents in Mulund, Mumbai where my father is a nationalized bank employee and my mother is a housewife.

Before entering the beauty industry what’s your job profile?
I was working with Public sector Bank for 5 years before I realized that my destiny is different and moreover, I wasn’t finding any interest in my job profile.

How you got interested in Beauty industry?
After getting married, my husband used to travel abroad frequently for work and  of course, I loved to explore with my hubby. While staying in Canada I got introduced to advanced beauty products which are extremely beneficial and attended a couple of workshops on beauty. This is when I became interested in looking good, became curious to know how it changes a person’s look in minutes. When I returned to India, I was absolutely serious about entering the world of Beauty to give a fair chance to my wish.

What do you think is the future perspective of Beauty industry?
Future is extremely bright in beauty. I think more beauticians are required in this profession. It’s the science which spells magic on beauty. Everyone needs to know the new techniques in this industry.

What did you learn and how was your training experience?
I was extremely fortunate that my friend suggested me to join LTA School of Beauty for Professional Training and International Certification. It changed my life as I learned basics of skin and hair to advance topics on in great details. Best part was the practical training which gave confidence and exposure to treat a large number of different clients. Learning was a wonderful experience at LTA and I think no institute can match the standard of training and professionalism LTA teaches to their students. I became certified Cosmetologist with certificates in CIDESCO and CIBTAC.

How education has helped you and what’s your success story?
Education on beauty has made my basics clear and strong due to which today I understand client requirements and have been successful in solving issues faced by my clients. If you want to start your career in beauty, I’ll suggest joining LTA School of Beauty as it gives the highest level of exposure, and knowledge about beauty and cosmetology industry. Coming from a middle-class family today I have built my own recognition and my family has been with me through all the hurdles which have counted my success twice. Being a cosmetologist I can transform a look from pop art, traditional to high fashion makeup, the possibilities are endless! This has made me successful among all my clients.

What has been the turning point in this journey of success?
 Turning point in my career is when I realized that beauty is my passion and decided to make a career in beauty industry. 

What did you do after completing the course?
I was the topper in my batch and was full of confidence with my international degrees. I was working at different Spa & Salons for a couple of months before starting my own Spa & Salon at Hiranandani Estate, Thane. Maples Beauty Lounge is running successfully in its fourth year. 

Your vision & future plans?
Following my path of interest, I am happy to discover my strong wish.  We are growing at a faster speed in this dynamic industry. I feel happy when my clients are satisfied. I am very positive about the growth of this industry and planning to expand Maples Beauty Lounge at multiple locations in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai in the years ahead.  My motto is to give world class services to Indian customers and make their beautiful dreams a reality. 

Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
I see myself as one of the prominent players of beauty and cosmetics world in India. My team wants to get introduced to our own international standard line of products developed solely for Indian beauties.

Any message for the young professionals who dream big in this industry?
The young and energetic new generation who want to enter in the beauty industry and those who are already in this industry should start their career with a good beauty institute. There are lots of work and creativity in this field. You can be a master of beauty and styling!

Thank You & All the Best Wishes!