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“After leaving my job I was pretty shallow. Though it has been late, I can say possessing the right skills set and following your interest and passion can ensure speedy success at any age.”

 Vinaya Dhumale, the Founder of Myra Beauty Studio - close conversation with Beauty and Healthcare Journalist, Sreyasi

What’s your Salon Name & Location?
Myra Beauty Studio, Thakurli East

I have completed Graduation (B.A.) in History.

What is your background?
Coming from a family with common background I am residing at Dombivli where my father is working in a Private company and mother being a housewife.

Before entering the beauty industry what’s your job profile?
I was working with Reliance Industries for 5 years in the BPO sector as Customer Care Officer. Though I was working but never enjoyed my present job profile. I started to lose interest and left my job, sitting around at home doing nothing for 2 years!

How you got interested in Beauty industry?
It was the year of 2009-10. A  good friend of mine Danish suggested me to take up beauty courses. I was a bit hesitant but he called me in his salon at Thane. Seeing his well-established and engaging salon, I was spellbound. The interest hooked up and I decided to step into this industry. 

What do you think is the future perspective of Beauty industry?
Beauty industry is a vibrant industry where you can experience diversity, dynamism, and lots more. The future of this industry, in one word ‘glamorous’! And of course growing every day. You must gain proper knowledge to be successful in this industry.

What did you learn and how was your training experience?
As I was looking for detailed and extensive education, I went for Salon Graduate Program (SGP) at LTA School of Beauty which gave me thorough knowledge about different skins, different types of facial massage and creams. Training experience was memorable as the faculty and trainers are extremely good with extensive support and career guidance which helps to flourish your career!

How education has helped you and what’s your success story?
Education has helped me a lot and without appropriate education you can never explore in this industry. Salon graduate program offers hair, skin, makeup and nail art.  Skin preparations, skin penetration, skin care, mask therapy, spas, massages, new hair styles with trendy cuts – there are many things which will help in building up a strong career! From the basic make-up touch, you’ll come to know how to do dazzling bridal look! LTA School of Beauty also offers an internationally accredited course CIDESCO. It will help you to learn client management and public relation skills.

After leaving my job I was pretty shallow. I do not even know where and how to start again. Still, I took a step forward with all my strengths. Possessing the right skills set and following your interest and passion can ensure speedy success.

What has been the turning point in this journey of success?
I think my fervent efforts have been the turning point of my success. Moreover, chemical treatments of hair and skin are very popular among my clients – color, curls – everyone has a desire to look and feel beautiful. I’ll soon start with laser treatments of hair as they are popular for permanent and almost painless hair removal. 

What did you do after completing the course?
First, I started working with Kaya Clinic & Beauty. After completing CIDESCO, I started my own salon Myra Beauty Studio which is successfully running for a couple of years.

Your vision & future plans?
I am continuing to expand my salon in the upcoming years.  Beauty industry will multiply in the following years. Today, products, services, skills, hairdressers, makeup artists – everything became a sense of pride and it will increase in the years ahead.

Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
Maximum Exploration in the beauty industry is the only dream I want to fulfill. Down the line 5 years, people should recognize my work & my brand name.

Any message for the young professionals who dream big in this industry?
Beauty industry is a prestigious and fascinating industry. You must go! Nail art training and advanced courses of hairstyle, makeup for skin are some of the most interesting facts that will definitely make a difference in your living!

Having a remarkable career is different from just working in a company and doing well.

As people want to stay beautiful and groom themselves, the future is extremely bright. Being a beauty entrepreneur, I am enjoying a lot!