LTA School of Beauty is the most popular academy for Comprehensive Courses with International certification from Neutral Bodies.

Largely in Beauty Industry we have Skin, Hair, Makeup, Nails, Body, Aesthetics as wide modules in which services are given in Salons, Clinics, SPA’s

Learn to work on basic grooming services to make the Skin look fresh.

You become a Beauty Therapist.


Learn to transform and play around with cuts, color, style to give different look.
Become a Hair Dresser / Hair Stylist.


Creativity meets methods & techniques – Learn different forms of makeup - Bridals, Media, Fantasy, Fashion and become a Makeup Artist.


Beautification doesn’t stop to Skin & Hair.
Become a Nail Technician. Learn Nail Art Nail Extension for beautiful confident hand & feet.


Become a Body Therapist. Learn relaxation & rejuvenation techniques through SPA Therapies & Body Toning & polishing.


Be an Aesthetician. Treatments for better aesthetic look and radiance. Work on Facial Concerns with the skills you learn at LTA.

International Accreditation


Learn from the Internationally acclaimed trainers

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Skill Courses

Skill up - get courses which help you to not just dream big but live big as well.

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Skill Centers

World class training centers across India to Empower you with the power of Skills.

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The courses at LTA School of Beauty enables individuals to own an internationally accredited certificates, along with the skills and confidence to win the World.