LTA School of Beauty

Amatuer Courses are stepping stones which shape your designation in the Beauty Industry.

These courses mould your fingers into the right skill sets also indepth knowledge sessions makes you ideal for being a Professional. Courses are designed for Career oriented seekers be it students, housewives or freshers.


Advance Diploma In Beauty Cosmetology (ASGP)

Program for your Dream Life: Big Life: Superior Life.


Certificate in Beauty Therapy

Learn the art of beauty therapy and grooming from the best and lay foundation of your successful career in the beauty industry.

Assisting in beauty salons or working in skin clinics- multiple opportunities will open up for you to kickstart your amazing career by becoming an Assistant Beauty Therapist.


Certificate in Hairdressing

Learn about the basics of hair services and excel yourself in the art of hairdressing with this course.

Working with professionals or starting with providing home services, you have multiple options to start your career and get the best out of it.


Certificate in Makeup

A perfectly crafted course to help you know all about makeup to start your career journey in the right manner.

Work as assisting in A-grade salons or providing home services- this course would help to turn your passion for makeup into a promising career.


Diploma in Beauty Therapy

A perfect blend of in-depth scientific knowledge along with demos and practical to enhance your beauty skills to provide the best services.

Scientific knowledge helps you become a Beauty Therapist while the demos would inculcate all-rounder skills promoting you flaunt your talent working as a professional makeup artist and working with skin brands and clinics.

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