LTA School of Beauty


For all the Beauty professionals who want to go to the next level can start their journey with us.

You can attend a one day or two day workshop which is filled with theory and practical of the upgraded topic.


15 Day Hair Cut Colour Style Course

Certified Upgrade Course for Professionals

Are you a beautician? Do you want to increase your qualifications and earn more? LTA’s prestigious certificate will help you scale up in your career. Attend 15 days of intense, hands-on training with in-depth classes by experts on hair cutting, styling colouring and maintenance.


2 Days Chemical Peels Certified Workshop

Intensive Upgrade Course for Professionals

Beauty is not just skin deep! Rediscover the wonder of the human skin and how to make it glowing, clear and supple with this 2 day rigorous workshop for professionals. As a beautician, this is your chance to turn your facial sessions into glamorous skin spa. Check out international chemical peels and learn their safe usage hands-on. Win client admiration, earn more.


Bespoke Hair cut and Colour

This unique experience teaches you to carry out a detailed diagnosis of the natural hair colour, skin tone and eye colour, to get the perfect shape and texture, as an individual


Bespoke Hair styling

More than “just a haircut” – Bespoke Hair is built on attention to the details of your hair and grooming style.


Bespoke Bridal Makeup

Take an understanding of how the bridal makeup industry works.

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