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Skill Upgrade Courses are stepping stones which shape your designation in the Beauty Industry.

In today’s world where everything is constantly advancing, upskilling yourself is necessary to move ahead. Learning an extra skill or knowledge affects your overall career and helps you to gain more experience and profits at the same time.

Enrol yourself with these skill upgrade courses and be ready to adapt in every situation to earn better rewards.


Advance Diploma In Beauty Cosmetology (ASGP)

Program for your Dream Life: Big Life: Superior Life.


Diploma in Hairdressing

A complete course of all hair dressing arts such as haircut, hairstyling, hair colouring and many more to make your hairdressing your core speciality!

Hairdresser, hair artist, working with media houses and brands and contributing to product development segment- a variety of opportunities are available for you to widen your network by giving a perfect hair day to everyone!


Diploma in Make up Artistry

Right from the fundamentals to modern makeup techniques, learning the best from the best would definitely make you a renowned personality in the industry.

Setting up your salons, working as a famous bridal artist, working with media houses and fashion designers or even in product development- it will bring you various options to provide services and be a professional.


Diploma in Beauty Therapy

A perfect blend of in-depth scientific knowledge along with demos and practical to enhance your beauty skills to provide the best services.

Scientific knowledge helps you become a Beauty Therapist while the demos would inculcate all-rounder skills promoting you flaunt your talent working as a professional makeup artist and working with skin brands and clinics.


Certificate In Facial Electro Therapy

Along with makeup, keeping your skin healthy and glowing is important.

Learn about the skin aesthetics and help to take care of your skin and keep it in proper condition always.


Certificate As Nail Technician

Every bride wants a perfect look for her wedding and perfect nails help to enhance the look.

This upskill of bridal nails would help you provide a complete look for the bride and help her flaunt them at such an important event of her life!


Facial Speciality Course

Glowing and clear face for every occasion is what everyone desires.

Upskill yourself with the art of facials to help your face retain its glow and have a charming and beautiful face every time.


Mehndi Artist Course

Upskill yourself with the art of Mehndi- the favourite style of every woman and showcase your fine skills and beautiful art on every palm.

Irrespective of age, learning mehndi is a wider segment which invites multiple opportunities for you to grow- professionally as well as economically.


Upstyling Course

A perfect hairstyle is necessary for every occasion. Along with grooming and beauty, stylish hair is everyone’s choice to enhance their fashion!

Upskilling yourself with hairstyling and provide various hairstyles to your clients to make their hair look as amazing as their outfit.


Saree Draping

Saree is the most loved attire for every woman but not everyone excels in draping it perfectly.

Upskilling the art of saree draping would help everyone who wishes to wear saree and flaunt their looks- helping you gain extra recognition and rewards!


Hair Extension

Make the hair get the perfect stylish look with the amazing idea of hair extension. Everyone craves for a perfect hairstyle for every occasion and hair extension gets it covered smoothly.

Learn the several types of hair extension skills and be a perfect partner for every person who wishes to have long and stylish hair.

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